Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bookworm baby!

GIVE BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS!!! They are the BEST gifts. What else can you give that lasts longer than a movie, is an adventure bigger than any Christmas day family dinner AND makes you the cool gifter who had the confidence to think outside the gift-card box?

Here's a few that I've read lately and loved!

For the metal loving music geek (or 80s nostalgia fan!)

 Chuck Klosterman (you probably did a social-studies book report on his Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs in Grade 10) wrote the holy bible on hair metal and it's contribution to culture and musical significance not only in the 80s, but every ass-kickin' leopard print wearin day since.

 For the Girl who doesn't read much but wants to see the movie:
 This is a super-easy, fast paced modern mystery about a *maybe* missing person. No one on our tour bus can put this down!

For the city-dwelling bohemian who has always heard about everything before you:
 I read this when I was living in NYC, and while Patti Smith's writing can be a little cliche, she's earned the right by kickin it in the 70s with Robert Mappelthorpe, Janis Joplin, William Burroughs and many other colorful kids at Max's Kansas City. Full of the magic of music, poetry and art.

For the person who wants to go on adventure, and has friends from all walks of life:
I LOVE swedish anything. Film, music and books from this part of the world perfectly captures the space, color and friendliness of Sweden. A story about it never being too late to have an adventure. And it has an elephant. A feel-good, loved-it kinda book.

Go forth, stuff stockings and be merry!!!!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

My favorite things...

I'm starting a new post featuring my favorite things I've ever sold on WILDTHING

This week, it's a BEAUTIFUL red leather oversized envelope clutch that I found in a salvation army bin in the factory district of Edmonton, Alberta. She went for a pretty penny, but everytime I see this picture I wish I had taken her out for a little spin before selling!

Paid- $2.99 SOLD- $56.00

Wherever she is, I hope she's paired with yellow :)


Friday, 22 November 2013

Running challenge, and I cried at the hunger games.

So I'm on day 8! Haven't fallen off the treadmill (literally OR figuratively) yet. It's been actually rewarding. It's hard on the road to figure out what to do with yourself other than shopping or laying bed on days when you are in a hotel in a city you don't know. You end up eating in a lot of restaurants and visiting a LOT of shopping malls. Both of those things equal less dolla bills at the end of your contract. And lord knows I came out here to SAVE money, not spend it! The majority of my spending so far has been a thrift stores (Stuff to send home and sell) and food. I'm trying to cut back on food money by cooking in my hotel room (which is a little like camping, except there's no fire and less animals *Read: other actors* trying to steal your eats. Running every day has gotten me to the gym (Free!) and feeling awesomer (Awesome!)
Life in a touring nutshell

The wildthing mug above was at a thrift store in nashville, but I didn't have space for it. What do y'all think of my belt buckle necklace? I wanna make a few more to sell at the market when I get home.

I saw hunger games and cried. I think i'm homesick. Or sick in the head. Point is, I cried like an 8 year old girl.

For day 8 of my running challenge, I decided to mix it up a bit and did a bootcamp class. I was planning to run a mile afterwards, but in the class we did well over a mile of running up and down stairs, and "Killers" which are basketball court running drills. I was COOKED. Thus there was no picture. But trust me and my kneecaps, a mile definitely came outta me today. Follow along on Instagram every day!


Friday, 15 November 2013

25 day 1 mile challenge

I'm gonna run a mile every day for 25 days? Why? Why not a month? Cuz I already did it for five days before this blog post. It'll be hard some days (Read: Hangover) It'll be easy some days (Read: When will it ever be easy?!) Why? Because I've always hated running. And because it will allow me to post pictures like this.

This is how I feel when I run half a mile.

Also, cuz I'ma get buff out here on tour. Follow me on Instagram as wildthingvintage to join me! We can post cliche pictures of our running shoes. Yay!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013


We opened this mother. It was a crazy, two weeks of 12 hour tech days, costume malfunctions and re-writes, but the new WWRY is open! We made it our bitch.  Some pics from opening:
Backstage with Gal, Scara, and Brit

The ladies of WWRY2

No Brian May. Cheers to YOU.

For some strange reason our dj thought he should play the songs we JUST HEARD in the show. Cue show choreo.

Brian Crum, Leather tux god.

Me and my buddy Garth. That's his real name. We're not worthy.

Jared giving us all some "I'm WAY too famous for this" face. Note: He is not too famous for this.

My emotional face after Talent House & Bruce Dean got us the most thoughtful opening night gift, an honorary brick at the rock and roll hall of fame

I'm gonna need this chair. Note to Hard Rock Cafe: PLEASE GIVE ME THIS CHAIR.

The night was killer, held in a renovated 1900 power plant, in a fully-fooded hard rock cafe. I hope I never forget the sound of Brian May playing those final bone-shaking chords in Bo Rhap. Now, the tour begins. Look out, America. We're comin... comin to GETCHA.